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About shoretel

Our desire is to make your business communications easier and without interruption. Our products are designed with a “single image architecture.” Meaning whether you have 1 location or 100, you are able to manage every user on the system from a single, easy-to-use interface. Gone are the days of having to roll a truck to do something as simple as move a user from one location to another.


We are now offering integration between ShoreTel UC systems and ShoreTel Sky (ShoreTel Hosted VoIP) with ShoreTel Connect. This  combination creates seamless integration without having to purchase additional gear or switches at locations with only a few users. Learn more about how you can successfully integrate your unified communications systems with ShoreTel here.


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Shoretel connect

With ShoreTel Connect, your business can utilize a cross between your ShoreTel-based UC solution for the larger location(s) and integrating with the ShoreTel Sky hosted VoIP service for those smaller locations that only require a few users. ShoreTel also offers services like ECC (Enterprise Contact Center) for those user groups that require advanced applications without a full-blown ECC solution.

Whatever your needs, ShoreTel Connect is sure to be able to provide a wealth of additional value to your UC system platform. For more on how you can connect with ShoreTel and Millennia, contact us today.

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Shoretel Connect Cloud

Say goodbye to installing and maintaining cumbersome office phone systems that require high purchase costs and instead turn to a simple, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solution. When you host your phone service in the cloud, your services are delivered right from your VoIP provider’s secure data center for an affordable monthly fee.


The vendor assumes responsibility for all configuration and management and your business gains intelligent call routing, mobility and business process integrations, and contact center capabilities. Stop managing your phone system and start utilizing the benefits of the cloud.



Shoretel connect on-site/premise

When you want control of your phone system without complicated setup and maintenance, an onsite phone system can work for your business. Maintain control and gain access to productivity tools with an all-in-one unified communication tool that is hosted on premise.


A modern IP phone system will address the growing productivity needs of your business, offer support for your workforce, integrate business applications and put the control of the system in the trusted hands of your IT Department and communications teams.



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Shoretel Connect Hybrid Solutions

If you're happy with your onsite phone solution but curious about the features a hosted cloud solution has to offer, a hybrid system can offer the best of both worlds.


Maximize your investment in your onsite phone system while beginning a migration to the cloud with ShoreTel Hybrid. A hybrid system delivers applications from the cloud to your ShoreTel Premises phone system without adding to your IT Department’s workload.



unified communications

Unified Communications (UC) is the integration of real-time, enterprise, communications services. With ShoreTel’s UC capabilities, you can now leverage the power of VoIP to integrate all of your vital communication tasks.

ShoreTel brings together VoIP telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, mobility, presence and collaboration capabilities into a seamless business environment. Learn more about how your business can benefit from all the advantages of this ‘Brilliantly Simple’ system here.

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